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Morris LeGrande: Bio

The Wine Country Guitarist


In the ever changing landscape of the music industry, Morris LeGrande has once again risen to the occasion by embracing and breathing fresh air into the well established pairing of jazz and wine, resulting in his latest CD "Wine Country". "Being blessed enough to live a short drive from some of the greatest wine growing regions in the world was a major source of inspiration for this project. Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, Livermore Valley, all producing world class wines, I couldn't be more fortunate." The "Wine Country" album is the culmination of years of research about the artistry of the wine making process. Compiling information from the wine growers to the wine experts to the wine enthusiasts, Morris has thoughtfully crafted songs that embody the essence of the wine variety that the song title carries, as well as compositions that connect the listener to wine experience. For example, the track "Sunset In The Vines" celebrates being with that special someone, sharing a beautiful moment of romance in the vineyard with a perfect sunset as the backdrop. "All of the songs on this record have value to me on a personal level, because each composition was written from the reality of an experience. I find that there is always someone who can relate to what I'm saying when it's real."  

The signature sound and feel of Morris' work is indicative of a passionate love for connecting his music to something tangible. The 2008 release "One For The Road" was written with the idea of creating music that would eliminate the stress of driving for an extended period of time, whether it was a road trip or a daily commute. The music was designed to provide the sensation of enjoying one's time in the car, just as "Wine Country" is designed to enhance the experience of enjoying your favorite variety of wine. The combination of his melodic guitar expression with the smooth delivery of his vocal stylings has given Morris a uniqueness that has proven to be the catalyst in him rapidly becoming a favorite among jazz and wine lovers. 

Being influenced by the music of the 60's and 70's where guitars were a staple of the music across every genre, and after hearing The Isley Brothers "Who's That Lady" Morris became completely enamored with the instrument. James Brown, The Meters, Booker T. and the MG's, Isaac Hayes, Motown, Robin Trower, Led Zepplin, Edgar Winter, Jimi Hendrix, Ernie Isley, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, Larry Carlton, Miles Davis, Joe Sample, George Duke, Stan Getz, Al McKay, and so many more have added some sort of dimension to the artist that Morris is today. The tenacity and drive that was necessary to teach himself how to play guitar without giving up, would have a direct effect on how he approached life in general, and that is to never quit. Being a self-taught guitarist became more than valuable, as learning the craft of song writing, arranging, producing, engineering, and mixing has become a vital part of what he does. 

That same tenacity to not give up has been essential in helping Morris to finally find his voice in a crowded field of recording and performing artists. The "Wine Country" concept has proven to compliment his artistry by the seemingly endless wine varieties and the unique characteristics of each, providing Morris with the the perfect pairing of jazz and wine, to the equally perfect pairing of music and life.

Welcome to Wine Country!